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Our Mission

We supply leading printing industry and biomedical companies with surface technology solutions.

We strive to achieve the best possible service for our business partners by optimizing our business processes. Our operational excellence is the key to success. Social responsibility, continuous improvement and the responsible use of raw materials in order to prevent waste are binding obligations for our company.

We know our customer’s needs and offer them solutions tailored for each phase of their product life cycle. With our help, our customers are able to offer better product services, extend the life cycle of their products and thus reduce costs, work in a more sustainable way and protect the environment.

We commit ourselves to support our employees, safeguard jobs and to future-oriented personnel management. This is how we create an excellent work environment.

Christopher Wasserman

Our Vision

In 2022, we are one of the leading coating companies in Europe.

We are the preferred contact for our customers. We have earned this confidence by using flexible, reliable and innovative solutions.

After our successful turnaround, we are a profitable company and are able to take advantage of further growth opportunities.

We have developed a solid corporate culture and focus our strategy and our activities on our social responsibility.

Christopher Wasserman

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