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Precise laser welding

Laser deposit welding offers the possibility to precisely protect surfaces against wear or to create surfaces with completely new properties in a regenerative way.

For this purpose, a powdery filler material is welded onto an existing component by means of laser energy.

The locally very limited energy input by means of a laser beam prevents adverse effects such as the mixing with the base material or the formation of an expanded heat-affected zone.

Laser welding advantages:

  • High process efficiency
  • Low mixing
  • Metallic bond and lowest possible porosity
  • Low distortion due to minimal energy input
  • High corrosion, erosion and/or abrasion resistance


  • Nickel base alloys (e.g., NiCrBSi)
  • Chromium-nickel steels (316L)
  • Cobalt base alloys (stellite, Triballoy)
  • Carbide-containing materials (NiBSi + tungsten melt carbide TMC)
  • Iron-based alloys with various carbides

Laser welding benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved plant availability
  • Regeneration, repair and rejects salvaging
  • Improvement of the component properties with regard to corrosion and/or wear

In addition to laser application welding, our range of services also includes the the traditional welding processes, such as MIG/MAG/TIG

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