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Wherever locally-acting stresses, e.g., wear and tear, corrosion and erosion, exceed the base material’s performance, TLS surface coatings offer efficient and customized solutions.

The performance portfolio of the TeroLab Surface Group includes an in-depth analysis of your problem situation and, of course, a competent on-site consultation. Our technology team examines existing material concepts and develops especially for you, e.g. a suitable alternative against corrosion, erosion and wear.

TLS surface coatings offers you the complete solution according to your design as well as the coating of individual parts up to the production of large series. We also provide repair and regeneration solutions for you. Resource-conserving possibilities for the multiple regeneration of components when reaching full functionality are increasingly used. Through targeted coating selection, even the properties of the repair parts can be significantly improved so that corrosion, erosion or wear can be avoided in the future.

In our large mechanical production, your component is subject to operations such as turning, milling and drilling as well as grinding, lapping, brushing and polishing. This is how we guarantee optimum pre- and post-processing of your product. Welding solutions and on-site coatings round off the TeroLab Surface Group’s portfolio.

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