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The main purpose of thermal coatings is the protection against wear

Wear is generally described as the progressive material loss on the surface of a solid body. It is caused by the contact and/or relative movement of your component with a solid, liquid, or gaseous counter body.

In essence, any form of wear is based on four wear mechanisms:

  • Abrasive wear – when a hard body penetrates into the softer surface of the component and causes surface abrasion through that.
  • Adhesive wear – the tearing of the material from of the component surface due to high adhesion forces. A requirement for this is that surfaces are in contact/adhered to one another under high surface pressure. Once the resulting adhesion forces exceed a certain value , transverse movements lead to a local material pull outs.
  • Surface breakdown – Material spallation, below and parallel to the component surface through tribological alternating stress, e.g. periodic application of a high, local load through a counter body (liquid in the case of cavitation).
  • Tribo-oxidation (tribo-chemical reaction) – formation of intermediate layers, e.g. oxide layers, after chemical reaction of the contact surfaces with their surroundings (gaseous or liquid media) and their subsequent mechanical destruction.

The plant operator is generally confronted with the result of wear – the failure of individual components up to total failure and production downtime. In many cases, based on the damage pattern, conclusions can be drawn from the sequence and result of the wear process, i.e., the type of wear. The latter can be divided into:

  • Sliding wear
  • Rolling wear
  • Impact wear
  • Vibratory wear
  • Grooving wear through counter body (two bodies)
  • Grooving wear through particles (multi-body)
  • Blasting wear
  • Erosion (flow wear)

Since to some extent, several wear mechanisms are disguised as individual types of wear, it is particularly important to consider the complete tribological system.

TLS coating solutions offer you the highest possible protection of your components against wear in every case. They meet the highest quality requirements and are manufactured using state-of-the-art spraying systems and highly developed spray materials.

Together with you, we can create functional layers with completely new properties. Due to different processing methods, we are able to produce all of your desired surface finishes. With TLS you have a partner at your side, who develops innovative solutions exclusively for you and, above all, with you. At the same time, we ensure that we continue to work on the further development of our own possibilities.

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