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No need to deal with wear or corrosion any longer

Experts like you work on ideas, designs, calculations, constructions, optimizations, research and development, production and distribution of machines and plants of all kinds on a daily basis. Your products have the greatest complexity. No need to deal with problems such as wear and corrosion any longer. Let us take care of that.

The Terolab Surface Group is a group of top-leading European companies in the field of thermal spraying.
Our products are applied in the traditional fields of mechanical engineering, power generation, automotive and transportation, agriculture, textile, printing and food production.

But they are also applied in the highly specialized area of biocompatible implants production.

TLS coating solutions are used where traditional, constructive and material solutions reach their limits. The spectrum of the available processes and the applicable materials allows us to improve practically every one of your components.

As a TLS customer, you benefit from this in several ways. The lifetime of your components is significantly increased. The quality and cost-effectiveness of your production processes is greatly improved. The competitiveness of your company is secured.

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