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Surface Technology

The TeroLab Surface GmbH produces functional surface for the application under the most extreme wear and corrosion conditions for you in Langenfeld.

The technology of thermal spraying offers the possibility to solve this task in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner. TLS is specialized in direct cooperation with the original equipment manufacturers from almost all branches of industry.

Our solutions for you

TLS coatings offer you the highest possible protection of your components against any type of wear.

Versatile machining processes produce surface finishes tailored to your requirements.

TLS coating solutions are used where traditional, constructive and material solutions reach their limits.

Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying enhances your components with customized surface coatings.

The technology of thermal spraying allow the use of different coating materials for numerous base materials.

Thermal spraying has established itself in almost all branches of industry.

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