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TLS Anilox offers a wide range of laser engraving. Various engraving profiles have been and are still being developed to meet even the most demanding requirements of the latest flexographic printing. The corresponding application volumes can be optimized with the help of different engraving geometries.

TLS Anilox standard engraving TeroMin

The TeroMin engraving is a tried and tested TLS Anilox standard in flexographic printing and is based on the hexagonal honeycomb structure. The optimally formed U-shape cells have a great influence on homogeneity, detail and target weight.

They enable optimal color output and improve the cleaning properties. Through appropriate documentation we guarantee the reproducibility of your print results.

Your advantages

  • Reproducible laser engraving
  • Low volume deviation
  • Effective color output ensures homogeneous surfaces
  • Optimal cell-to-wall ratio
  • No moiré formation
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