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Cleaning the anilox rolls poses a challenge for every printing company. All cleaning methods present a more or less heavy strain on the engraving and surface of the anilox roll. The service life of the anilox roll can be significantly influenced.

Our recommendations

  • Clean regularly and as quickly as possible after each print job
  • The less the color is dried up, the easier it can be dissolved and removed
  • Ensure that no runs and drops remain on the surface after cleaning. Once these dry, it becomes even more difficult to remove them
  • Dry cleaning is one of the gentlest procedures, but it also requires caution. Some products reach pH values above 13. Long exposure times with very aggressive products are therefore a high risk.

Your handling:

  • Avoid blows or impacts on the ceramic surface
  • Protect the surface of the rolls and sleeves during installation and removal
  • Cover the surface when storing the rolls
  • Keep the ceramic free from grease and oil
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