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The coatings of anilox rolls with ceramic, guarantee a durable and wear-resistant surface.

The modern ceramic coatings of TLS Anilox are resistant to wear, moisture and heat. Special barrier coatings between the base material and the ceramic prevent the penetration of paints and aggressive cleaning agents and with prevent the the roller body corrosion. The reproducibility of your print results is ensured for a long period of time.

Durable anilox rolls with high-quality ceramic coatings

The ceramic coating embodies the high-quality base stock of the anilox roll.

The ceramic coating must be absolutely homogeneous for a high-precision laser engraving. We guarantee you unique purity and hardness, because TLS Anilox only uses high-quality ceramic powder in state-of-the-art coating systems.

The ceramic coating, newly developed in Salzkotten, gives your anilox rolls and sleeves a lasting resistance as well as a long service life.

Your advantages

  • überdurchschnittliche Härte: 1.200 -1.500 HV0.3
  • Reinheitsgrad des Chromoxids liegt bei 99,5%
  • Korrosionsschutzschicht inklusive
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