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Flexographic printing (flexible packaging)

TLS Anilox GmbH supplies anilox rolls and sleeves in different dimensions. With our “TeroMin” engraving, screen widths of more than 70 l/cm can be optimally transferred and, at the same time, they ensure a high coverage.

Label printing

Simultaneously, we also offer screen rolls and sleeves for the label area. Our “TeroVis” engraving is characterized by the fact that it reduces the problem of ink spitting in the area of ​​UV inks considerably. In addition, screen widths of up to 600 lines and finer with corresponding volumes can be produced reproducibly with our modern laser engraving machines.

Corrugated cardboard printing

The requirements in the corrugated cardboard sector have increased enormously in recent times. At our modern production site, we are able to process anilox rolls with a maximum bale length of up to 4,500 mm. And here, we are also offering specially tailored engraving specifications up to 460 l/cm.


Only special engravings allow the precise application of primers and varnishes. With our “TeroLine” and “TeroTop” engravings we can achieve high theoretical dip volumes. These contribute to achieving an absolutely uniform cell geometry. This creates closed, homogeneous surfaces.

Offset print

Defined screen rolls specifications enable a precise application of water or UV coatings. Our portfolio also includes open engraving molds for applications with gold, silver and metal effects.

Ultrasonic cleaning

By means of ultrasound we offer you an effective and gentle cleaning procedure, allowing your printer results to return to the usual reproducible quality.