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As the average retirement age is rising, most Germans now work until they are 67. Companies are faced with the challenge of keeping their aging workforce motivated and productive.

Changing demographics have lead many companies to rethink their talent strategies, including Germany’s mid-size to mid-market organizations in the metals and engineering industry. Joining forces with regional beacon project ABA (“Age-neutral Participative Work Design”), the management of TeroLab Surface GmbH has developed industry-leading solutions that mitigate the natural decrease of physical fitness by focusing on work design and health promotion.

The project’s principal aims are to preserve the employees’ work fitness, engage employees in improving their workplace and work environment with a view to age, increase awareness of health topics on all management levels, and develop selected employees into Transformation Experts who help others adopt age-sensitive work routines.

The project was welcomed by all TeroLab Surface GmbH employees. Sabine Wildvang, Head of Human Resources, is excited about its effectiveness: “The ABA project is extremely well-structured. State funding by North Rhine-Westphalia gave us the chance to team up with external consultants, and share ideas with companies from related industry sectors. This resulted in a wealth of new ideas from which we then developed feasible solutions, working closely with our employees. Right now we are putting these solutions into practice.”

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