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Alles unter einem DachAll under one roof
In Salzkotten the new coating centre is the innovative centrepiece of TLS Anilox manufacturing. Innovative control technology combined with excellent process monitoring makes it one of the most modern coating centres in Europe. The dimensions of 3m x 5.5m x 4m provide the basis for high scalability.

Not just grinding
In Langenfeld our surface finishing is based on sustainability and the efficient use of resources. This is why we use thermal spray technology. The components are carefully prepared for the coating process by manufacturing processes such as turning and milling, cleaning and corundum blasting.

After coating we complete the finishing process with post-processing steps such as grinding, lapping, polishing, brushing or super finishing. We have invested in a modern surface grinder to provide you with consistently high quality in all areas and to meet the new requirements of our customers. Customer satisfaction in all areas is the most important factor for us.

The Group’s website needed a revamp. A young, international team was keen to create a completely new layout, new content, new photos – quite simply a new look for the TeroLab Surface Group.

New look
And since we were in full swing, we redesigned the company brochures for the two German sites. We would be pleased to send you the brochures if you are interested. It’s worthwhile!

There are always places and hardware in a company that have been neglected for some time. In our case we waited for quite some time before addressing the issue of the internal meeting room. Our second meeting room has been given a contemporary makeover at last.

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