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As the first coating company worldwide, TeroLab Surface GmbH has succeeded in obtaining the B-Corp certification. The TeroLab Surface Group is one of the leading experts in Europe in the field of coating of surfaces.

Managing Director Wolfram Unterberg explains as follows: “Our goal was to become a certified B-Corp company in order to join a globally important network for a responsible and sustainable corporate management.“

The B-Corp certification originally evolved in the US. It addresses companies which support social and ecological matters and are only secondly focused on their economic success.

The „B“ in B-Corp stands for ‘Benefit’.

Firms that aim to obtain this certificate must fulfil strict guidelines, both ecologically and socially.

Dipl. Ing. Wolfram Unterberg – CEO TeroLab Surface GmbH

The certification process includes a comprehensive evaluation. It examines what implications the company’s activities have for its customers, employees and the environment. B-Corp sees itself as a movement of and for companies which already apply a „next generation business model“ successfully not to become the best company of the world but for the world.

With the B-Corp certification, Dipl. Ing. Wolfram Unterberg and his management wish to make clear that TeroLab Surface GmbH is committed to the idea of sustainability.

There are some 1,300 companies from 41 countries which have joined the community of the „Certified B Corporations”.

TeroLab Surface GmbH is now included in this community.

Christopher Wasserman, President TeroLab Surface Group
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