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The TeroLab Surface Group has supported conservation of resources from the outset through its customised coatings. It aims to help its partners maintain and extend the service life of components. TLS wishes to organise its production processes and workflows in line with our planet‘s natural resources.

The company accordingly set itself the challenge of obtaining the following certificates; quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001), environmental management (DIN EN ISO 14001), occupational health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001) as well as energy management (DIN EN ISO 50001).

After subjecting the activities of TeroLab Surface GmbH in Germany to stringent tests, the auditors were satisfied and handed the Director in Germany, Wolfram Unterberg, the full set of certificates.


Wolfram Unterberg embodies corporate sustainability management and as the Energy Manager at TLS he also assumes full responsibility for implementing these ideas. He is assisted by an “energy” task force composed of five in-house experts.

The energy management team in Langenfeld has specifically rated energy consumption according to departments in order to keep a close eye on the most prolific energy consumers. The aim is to regulate machines with high energy consumption according to their uptime performance.

Electricity consumption is, however, also reflected in the lighting installed in the four different production facilities in Germany and the administration building. It is planned to gradually replace this lighting with LED lighting systems.

A new heating system comprised of thermal radiators which heat the production facilities with pinpoint accuracy has already been installed in order to reduce gas consumption. This has reduced energy costs by more than 30%.




f.l.t.r.: Alderman for environment of Vienna, Ms. Magister Ulli Sima, Franz Kremsner (CEO TLS Austria), Christopher Wasserman (TLS President), Markus Zalud (CEO TLS Austria)


At TeroLab Surface GmbH in Austria, its two Directors, Franz Kremsner and Markus Zalud, are working on the same issue. TLS Austria has just received the EcoBusinessPlan Vienna award, again in the sustainable business management category.

You will find further information under the link:http://unternehmen.oekobusinessplan.wien.at.

These specific measures are already having a significant impact. In Vienna, innovative, performance-related compressors only produce the amount of compressed air that is actually required. 

Another spin-off is the warm air extracted from these compressors, which is now used to heat the production facilities from September to March. As a result, the company is making substantial reductions in its heating costs.

There are also plans to optimize lighting by installing LED lamps in the production facilities. This will increase the level of illumination many times over, in addition to saving 40% on electricity.

TLS is convinced that the future is in the hands of those companies that make an active contribution to sustainable development in their own countries by demonstrating and setting an example of corporate responsibility

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