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Christopher Wasserman

Dear Friends,

In our previous TLS News of December 2013, I had the pleasure and privilege of presenting TLS Shared Values Strategy, which is at the heart of all our activities. You had also the opportunity to discover some of the measures implemented and the efforts made by TLS with regard to sustainability.

Today, I am proud to present TLS Group revised mission statement and vision in line with TLS Shared Values strategy.

They reflect who we are and the customer value and experience we commit to deliver (Mission) and what we commit to become (Vision).

They are a combination of what we want to be and to become (our dream) and what we must be and become (our reality).

Last but not least they represent the framework within which our local entities, TLS Germany, TLS Austria and TLS France, will develop their own local mission statement and vision.

As said by Friedensreich Hundertwasser “If one person dreams, it is only a dream.If many dream, it is the beginning of a new reality.”

Christopher Wasserman,
President of TeroLab Surface Group

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