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With its long experience in orthopaedic implants in Europe, TeroLab Surface SAS is an innovative provider with great expertise in coated implantable medical devices (IMDs). The company is today the chosen partner of the world’s most renowned manufacturers. With over 1.5 million implants treated in more than 20 years of excellence, TeroLab Surface SAS contributes to the success story of cementless implants, which have now achieved leadership in the global marketplace.

TeroLab Surface SAS’s hydroxyapatite and/or titanium coatings, which allow better attachment to the bone, offer patients a faster return to the quality of life they enjoyed before surgery. TeroLab Surface SAS coats uncemented orthopaedic implants used for the replacement of all joints in the human body. TeroLab Surface SAS can provide appropriate solutions for its customers’ current and future needs.



The company is also recognised for its respect of human and environmental values. With its high-tech facilities and 55 employees, it has a production capacity of more than 200,000 implants per year. The new facility, a production site of 1200 m2, and its investment policy will give it the capability to respond to new global challenges, such as the takeover, from 1 August 2013, of the biomedical activity of the Oerlikon Metco Group (formerly Sulzer Metco). Under a service contract with Terolab France, coatings for implants will be produced on the Wohlen site in Switzerland.

This activity represents about 50% of all the activity carried on at Villeneuve-le-Roi, consisting mainly of implants for the spine, cups and screws, which are processed using the VPS and APS process for various customers.

This activity has been implemented to allow the projects for transferring these production activities to Terolab and its partner Medicoat AG in order to proceed without interruption of deliveries to customers. These projects require multiple technical exchanges between the teams of Oerlikon Metco, Terolab and their customers, in an extremely demanding regulatory context. All these changes require extensive testing and validation followed by the submission of in-depth technical documentation for examination by the various government agencies and notified bodies that grant approval for medical products in their respective markets.

Terolab has also committed to an adequate period of reflection to allow the Oerlikon Metco group to develop unproblematic solutions for the reclassification of its staff.