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Wolfram UnterbergAt the end of last year Wolfram Unterberg took up the post of Chief Executive Officer at TeroLab Surface GmbH Langenfeld.

He joined the company in summer 2013. The creation of the post of CEO is part of an extensive strategic reorganisation of TLS Langenfeld, with the aim of additionally enhancing the productivity of the company by improving its efficiency and effectiveness.

After working for the TLS Group for well over one year, Wolfram Unterberg has already implemented numerous measures in order to achieve this aim.

When did you start working for the TeroLab Surface Group?
I was initially employed as Technical CEO at TeroLab Surface GmbH Langenfeld in summer 2013. I took up the post of CEO at the end of last year.

What are your aims? Do you have a specific strategy?
We want to consolidate and continue expanding our market position as the leading provider of innovative coatings. The most important criterion in this regard is always customer satisfaction. This must be earned again every day through our first-rate quality of work, a high degree of flexibility, outstanding service and sustainability. All the previous and planned measures focus on this aim. Of course, it is also question of profit, growth and job security at the same time.

What investments have been made in the company?
A new rotary processing system has been purchased for the Mechanical Engineering Department. We have simultaneously reinvested in the coatings factory. New grid blasting equipment has been installed in the plant. We’ve also upgraded a spray booth to bring it in line with the latest technical standards. The inner workings have been fitted with a new robot and a new manipulation system.

Another spray booth has been upgraded for standard applications. The area and pathway markings on the factory floor have been improved to enhance the product flow. We have also purchased a new heatable storage marquee as a warehouse for our clients’ components, in order to create more space for efficient working on the shop floor.

What role do employees play for you? Have you triggered any staff changes?
We could not possibly achieve our ambitious aims without our highly qualified staff and their commitment. They are the resources on which every successful company depends. It is important to me that they all understand that we can only perform outstandingly for our clients if each individual performs to the best of his ability. This is what I do and I expect the same from my staff. It’s like football. It’s not the individual player who wins, but a well-coordinated, qualified team! I was fortunate in finding some very committed employees here, who now hold key positions in the factory. A new personnel manageress with a proven track record in this field has been in charge of actual personnel development since August last year.

In order to enable us to continue improving our customer services, TLS has hired two additional, very experienced sales engineers. In order to continue improving the level of quality, we have also managed to hire a new professional quality manageress, who has extensive experience in this field.

Do you actually pay attention to the health of your staff?

Oh yes. In addition to job security, strict rules on noise control and breathing equipment for example, I’d like to mention our new health management as a shining example. In cooperation with a major health insurance company we are endeavouring to prevent many diseases by adopting appropriate measures.

What is the policy on sustainability at TLS Langenfeld?

The coating sector is a byword for sustainability. The service life of components and machinery increases wherever resilient thermal protective coatings prevent or minimise the wear and tear of materials.

So sustainability has been a tradition for more than one hundred years at TeroLab Surface Group. It forms the basis of the company. In 1906 Jean-Pierre Wassermann established the Castolin enterprise in Switzerland. He advocated the protection of resources. He consequently specialised in recycling precious metals and repairing machinery.

His son, Professor Rene Wasserman, founded the multinational corporation Castolin Eutectic on the basis of this expertise. He can certainly be called a pioneer of welding technology and thermal spraying.

Christopher Wasserman has been carrying on this family tradition with the TeroLab Surface Group since 1998. A network of highly specialised sites in Germany, Austria, France as well as the “nerve centre”, i.e. the Group holding company in Switzerland, constitutes the framework for the innovative coating expertise of our Group

Which certifications is the company currently working on?

TLS has implemented an integrated management system, which includes the following internationally applicable standards: ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment, ISO 50001 for energy and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety. We are very proud of this. – It is another important step in our quality offensive.

How do you relax in the evenings and at weekends?

For me, all outdoor activities are a good way to wind down in my free time. I like to go hunting and hiking with my wife and friends, on bike rides and occasionally jogging as well. I also like to watch a good football match now and then, preferably live, but as I usually don’t have enough time I tend to watch it on television.

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