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As happens every three years, Christopher Wasserman, President of TeroLab Surface Group (TLS) looked for an innovative company in the field of thermal spraying. This is in order to award it the RENE WASSERMAN AWARD 2014 during the ITSC (International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition).

Christopher Wasserman created this award in memory of his father, Professor René Wasserman, who died in 1993. He devoted his life to the preservation of natural resources and the fight against the signs of wear in the industrial sector. He was the pioneer in the fields of welding and thermal spraying.

The RENE WASSERMAN AWARD is accredited every three years to a company specializing in thermal spraying. This company must be able to demonstrate excellent economic performance but also sustainable efforts in environmental policy, predictive energy management and social responsibility towards its employees.

The winner is chosen by a jury composed of Mr. Wasserman and members of the Board of Directors of GTS Europe (Gemeinschaft Thermisches Spritzen e.V. [Association of Thermal Sprayers]).

The happy winner in 2014, the Rhein-Ruhr Beschichtungs-Service GmbH Company based in Rheinberg, Germany, received an award worth 10,000 Swiss francs and a magnificent sculpture by the renowned artist, Rudy Rahme, from Beirut (Lebanon) at the ITSC opening ceremony in Barcelona.

From left to right: W. Krömmer /GTS), M. Dreizehner (RHEIN-RUHR Beschichtungsservice GmbH), E. Lugscheider (GTS), CH. Wasserman (TLS)

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