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Dr. Ing. Roland Boecking (right), CEO of TLS Germany, presents: “top innovation in the thermal spraying technology sector meets a world-renowned classic.”

In March 2013, the TeroLab Surface Group made its first ever appearance at the ICE Europe exhibition in Munich. The decision to take part in this trade fair involved some serious prior thinking outside the box: “After all, what is a company specialising in coatings for a wide range of components doing at a trade fair that focuses on refining and processing paper, film and foil?”

TLS took the conscious, strategic decision to make an aggressive entry into a new market. The company initially had roll manufacturers in its sights – and the plan paid off. A total of 6,600 visitors from 64 countries attended the exhibition and a good half of them visited TLS, inspecting and photographing our stand.

We were there to make new contacts, talk shop and provide information. But before any of that could happen we were all stopped in our tracks by an eye-catching British motorcycle, which quickly became the unofficial focal point of this leading international trade fair for the converting industry.

Dr Roland Boecking, CEO of TeroLab Surface GmbH Germany, was on hand to explain the background to everyone who was interested: “Having the bike here helps to highlight one particular feature: “Vincent” held numerous world speed records in the 1950s and in 1948 made the fastest production motorcycle in the world with the B Series Rapide”.

After this successful start, it was easy to channel enthusiasm shown by visitors towards the TLS content. For example, visitors were shown a tungsten carbide coated roll on the seat of the motorcycle. The roll had been smoothed and polished to what is known as a high-gloss mirror finish, which is of particular interest to the foil industry.

Dr Boecking astonished visitors once more by revealing that this coating was in no way related to the hard chrome that is traditionally used. Visitors to the trade fair were intrigued by details of the potential coating options for all kinds of components.

The Anilox team, which presented details of the innovative TLS laser engraving technique at the exhibition, was also a huge hit. All in all, the first flying visit by TLS to the ICE Europe 2013 exhibition in Munich was a resounding success.

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